About the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers

About ICME

ICME is the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers, the Institute for all individuals involved in the castings industry and associated industries.

Our members include foundrymen, design engineers, metallurgists, moulders, patternmakers, CAD technicians, methods engineers, researchers, students and suppliers to the industry. The aim of the institute is to bring together people from all sectors and levels, to offer help and advice, technical support and professional development opportunities, helping our members make the most of their careers in the castings industry.

Members also receive 10 copies of Foundry Trade Journal per year, published independently by Foundry Trade Journal, and this, along with branch events and the monthly e-newsletter is how ICME provides industry news to its members. The journal also reports on the activities of the World Foundry Organisation, WFO.

The ICME Branches

The Institute has a number of regional branches. Upon joining, each member is assigned to one of the branches, usually the regional branch closest to where they work or live. Find out more about the regional branches.

About the Organisation

ICME is a charity run by, and on behalf of, its members.
Each year a new National President is elected, as well as a Senior Vice President and a Junior Vice President. Find out about this year's Officers and the ICME staff.

The institute has a Council consisting of elected members and officers.
The current Voting members (Trustees) on the Council may be seen by clicking here.

ICME is a Registered Charity, No. 250380.