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ICME Awards

2011 Award Winners

The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers is pleased to congratulate its 2011 Award Winners:
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Oliver Stubbs AwardNo Award this year
E J Fox MedalDr Tom Paterson FIMMM CSci FICME
Meritorious Services MedalAlexander Brown FICME
Meritorious Services MedalParamjit Singh Dahri MIE MIIM Prof MICME
Meritorious Services Medal Lynn Postle DipM MCIM Prof MICME
John Campbell MedalProf Preben Hansen
British Foundry MedalA Adams, O Davila-Maldonado, L Oliviera and B Alquist
DiplomaJan Jezierski PhD MsC Prof MICME
DiplomaProf John Campbell OBE FREng
Long and Notable Service AwardRussell Daniels Prof MICME
Long and Notable Service AwardJohn Willetts Prof MICME
Long and Notable Service AwardAlan Robertson Prof MICME
Long and Notable Service AwardAlf Etherington Prof MICME
Worshipful Company of Ironmongers' Best StudentSteven Riley MICME
Founders Casting Award for Best StudentDavid Mercer MICME
REMET Modern Apprentice AwardGuy Pedley Eng Tech

E J Fox Medal - Dr Tom Paterson FIMMM CSci FICME, West Midlands, Birmingham & Coventry Branch
Tom is a Fellow of our Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of Mining Minerals and Materials with registration as a Chartered Scientist with the Science Council. A Hammerman of Glasgow and Freeman of the City of Glasgow.

Past National President ICME 2002 and Scottish Branch President 2007 and is currently on the National Council and West Midlands Branch Council.

His career has spanned many aspects of the metals industry but mainly in Aluminium Foundries.

His first position was as a metallurgist with Lowland Aluminium in Scotland and he was promoted to Technical Manager for a new Greenfield Secondary Aluminium Refinery in Northern Ireland where he met his wife Jo.

Due to the political troubles in Northern Ireland he joined Cosack Engineering Services based in Kent supplying Consumable and Capital equipment to the foundry industry. In the mid seventies he joined H J Maybrey Group Foundries in London as deputy to the Foundry Group MD for approximately two years.

In 1979, through an earlier contact when at Cosack, he joined W Strikfeldt & Kock, a family owned West German company supplying molten metal furnaces to the Aluminium Industry. His main task was developing the UK market and in 1989 Striko UK Ltd was formed where Tom spent the next 16 years as Managing Director. He developed the North American Market for W Strikfeldt & Kock GmbH whilst building up Striko UK Ltd and in later years travelled the world introducing the company’s latest Tower/Shaft melting furnace technology. He remained as MD until 2005, when de decided to retire or so he thought …

Since then he has been a consultant to a number of foundries and remains as a senior consultant to Striko Uk Ltd and also found time to promote the ICME profile and its benefits for membership .

He is still actively promoting membership of ICME to young foundry people and engineers the benefits of being a member of the Institute and an Industry that it has been an honour to be involved in.

Meritorious Services Medal - Alexander Brown FICME, Scottish Branch
Alexander is the Coal/Clay Product Development Manager of James Durrans & Sons Ltd based at Penistone, near Sheffield. He has been a member of the Scottish branch since 1976 and was upgraded to FICME in 2005.

His foundry career started in 1968 as a Trainee Metallurgist with British Steel in Glasgow. After 8 years and several metallurgical positions with local foundries he joined his present company in 1978. Starting as a Technical Sales Representative covering Scotland, Ireland and Northern England he was able to develop a wide knowledge base in recarburisers, coatings, blackings and coal/clay products.

In 1994 he was promoted to Sales Manager, a position held until 2001 when several new specialist positions were created including Coal/Clay Product Development Manager which allowed him more focus on customer requirements and opportunities to visit customers worldwide. Involvement in manufacturing, raw material purchasing, and hands-on experience solving customer problems has lead to a greater understanding of process application and the ability to assist greensand foundries in reducing scrap levels and increasing productivity.

He has given various papers, mainly on the use of graded coal in greensand systems for the production of iron castings, to foundry societies and foundry groups in the UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa since 2001 including the recent World Foundry Conference in June 2006. The main thrust of his work is in developing the use of carbonaceous products in greensand systems and advising on the correct use and balance of additives, to achieve the minimum sand related scrap defects.

Alexander is currently concentrating on use of coal/clay products and their critical role in producing iron castings worldwide and continues to promote the use and best practice of quality carbon additives in greensand systems.

Meritorious Services Medal - Paramjit Singh Dahri MIE MIIM Prof MICME, West Midlands, Birmingham & Coventry Branch
Paramjit has been awarded this award for his services to the Institute and in particular for his services to his Branch. He has been a Professional Member of the Institute since 1978 and a regular attendee at technical meetings over this period.

For the last ten years he has been Branch Treasurer and over this period has carried out his duties meticulously as a valued member of Council. He worked for many years at Castings plc at Brownhills, Staffordshire and is now retired.

Meritorious Services Medal - Lyne Postle DipM MCIM Prof ICME, West Midlands, Birmingham & Coventry Branch
Having trained as a professional journalist, Lynn Postle joined the then Institute of British Foundrymen’s full time staff in 1989 from Argus Press where she was an editorial contributor.
Her initial role was as editorial assistant on the Institute’s monthly members’ journal ‘Foundryman’. Within a year, Lynn was appointed Editor-in-Chief and given the responsibility of building the title’s profile in the wider castings industry, particularly overseas.

She redesigned the publication and gained a marketing diploma. Her new found marketing skills were utilised when the Institute rebranded itself as the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers in 2000. Her role developed in to publishing editor and she became responsible for the content, design, promotion and financial performance of the publications department.

In 2003 Lynn was instrumental in the negotiations when ICME purchased the Foundry Trade Journal from DMG International. She then set about marrying an international commercial subscription-based publication with a professional institute journal.

Lynn has worked for the Institute for 22 years and has visited many foundries in the UK and overseas. She has represented Foundry Trade Journal and ICME at numerous events and has presented papers in the UK and overseas on the benefits of ICME membership and the importance of professional development at all levels in the castings industry.

John Campbell Medal - Prof Preben Hansen of Magmasoft
Awarded to Prof Preben Hansen for his sustained contribution to the science and understanding of metal casting, by virtue of research and development.

At a conference at Sheffield University in 1981 a young visionary, Professor Preben N. Hansen, presented to the world for the first time his work in the field of casting simulation and his program ‘Geomesh’ which could calculate, or predict, how a casting would solidify. Most foundries may have had a computer in the accounts department at that time, but most methods engineers were not aware of this fundamental work that had already been going on for over a decade. Collaboration between Prof Hansen and Prof Peter Sahm culminated in the founding of MAGMA in 1988. MAGMA released a commercial version of this work ‘MAGMASOFT®’ in 1989 and has continually developed simulation tools for the foundry industry for over 20 years. Version 1 of MAGMASOFT® allowed a foundry to predict how a casting would fill and solidify. From the start, MAGMASOFT® was based on the fundamental physics of fluid and heat flow. The use of foundry simulation provided new insights into the casting process.

British Foundry Medal and Prize
British Foundry Medals have been awarded to A Adams, O Davila-Maldonado, L Oliviera and B Alquist (Mexico) for their joint paper ‘Enhancing filtration knowledge to improve foundry performance’ published in the April 2010 issues of Foundry Trade Journal International.

Diploma - Dr Eng Jan Jezierski PhD MsC Prof MICME
For his joint paper with K Janerka, D Bartocha and J Szajnar (Poland) ‘The effect of the carburizer quality on the cast iron recarburisation process’ published in the November 2010 issue of Foundry Trade Journal.

Diploma - Prof John Campbell OBE FREng FICME
For his joint paper with J Grassi, M Hartlieb and F Major ‘Ablation casting’ published in the May 2010 issue of Foundry Trade Journal.

John’s major activity is in the USA working with John Grassi, to set up a new casting operation, Alotech. This is a new foundry process for AI and Mg castings by a novel process, Ablation Casting, using water to ablate away the mould and chill the casting. It produces high quality and high strength castings but at competitive costs.

Long and Notable Service Awards -
Russell Daniels Prof MICME of the Lancashire Branch,
Alf Etherington Prof MICME of the North East Branch,
Alan Robertson of the Scottish Branch and
John Willetts Prof MICME of the West Midlands, Birmingham & Coventry Branch

Mr Alf Etherington Prof MICME - My first experience of the Institute was being approached to attend the Newcastle branch meetings, however these were on a Saturday night, and for a young man this was a none starter, fortunately they saw sense and changed it to a Wednesday evening.

As well as being an active member of the North East Branch Council it has been an honour to be President of the Newcastle Branch in 2000 and again in its final year 2005. The two local branches, Newcastle and Teeside came together in 2006 to form the North East Branch, and again I was joint President of its inaugural year, still I wasn’t finished as I am currently President of the Branch for a 4th time for the year ending June 2011.

It is a concern that we are finding it difficult to recruit members from so few foundries, however it is the quality of the people who work,(and have retired) within our industry which make the ICME what it is today.

Mr Alan Robertson Prof MICME - Alan feels very privileged and somewhat undeserving to have been awarded the Long and Notable Services Award, particularly since in recent years he has been unable to attend ICME meetings due to his working arrangements, however he feels he has continued to contribute to our Institute aims by continuing to develop good foundry practice and by bringing in and mentoring new recruits to the industry.

He counts himself as being fortunate indeed to have had a full and rewarding career in the foundry industry reaching 40 years service in August 2011. During this time, the ICME or as he prefers it the IBF has been a constant source of information, education and via branch meetings a place to meet colleagues and discuss the real foundry issues of the day. He joined the Scottish Branch of the Institute in September 1971 shortly after graduation having joined Clyde Alloy as a trainee foundry manager, and he remembers well the meetings which were held in the St Enoch Hotel, Glasgow. In those days these were serious meetings with an attendance of foundrymen from all sizes and types of Foundry and with members from shop floor to senior management. Discussions could get quite heated about the best way to make impellor cores, or the latest developments in the (then) new fangled furan resins. He was a regular attendee at Branch meetings and was invited onto council in 1976, serving until 1983, representing the Branch as President in 1982/83. He has presented a number of lectures to the Scottish branch, being awarded an Institute Diploma in 1984 and was even invited to make presentations to Branches south of the border – fame indeed for a Scotsman, the most recent being to present a review of Rollmaking at the Davy Roll Company Ltd to the East Anglian section in 2010.

Working in the Foundry Industry has been at times exhilarating, at times depressing, but it has never been boring. He thinks this is the essence of our craft – to make a first class casting for whatever application is an everyday challenge and success offers a huge sense of satisfaction. He has worked in a range of different foundries making a large range of different types of castings from small jobbing iron castings up to large steel rolls – He is privileged indeed as this is a career path that today is impossible to repeat - but if he was offered the chance to relive his working life in any field of his choice, he would choose to be a Foundryman every time.

John Willetts Prof MICME -
John Willetts has been awarded a Long and Notable Service Award for services to the Institute.
He is a Professional Member of The Institute and has been a member since 1988. He was originally a member of the Stoke Section of the Lancashire Branch and latterly the West Midlands Branch. During his membership of the Stoke Section he was a regular attendee at meetings and highly respected foundryman. Since joining this Branch he has been an active member of Branch Council and Branch President in 2077/08. His work on Branch Council has been marked by his wise and thoughtful approach to Branch and Institute matters. He is also a member of ICME Council.

John is Managing Director of Vanguard Foundry and is due to retire in October this year.

REMET Modern Apprentice Award - Guy Pedley EngTech Prof MICME
Guy Pedley has worked at Sheffield Forgemasters for 5 years, where he completed his advanced four year apprenticeship in July 2010 during which time he gained much knowledge and experience. He has also passed his NVQ level 2 and 3and Btec national diploma in metallurgy.

He is now on his way to completing a foundation degree in production engineering. The foundation degree is part of a higher apprenticeship; this involves NVQ level 4, HNC, keyskills level 3 and the foundation degree. He was also the winner of the Sheffield Forgemasters apprentice of the year 2009.

He works as a methods engineer at Sheffield Forgemasters, which involves predicting the behaviour of the molten metal when it has been poured into the mould and how it will solidify. This is not always easy because every job is different and some castings weight up to 600 tonne, although software is used to help predict this, experience is also essential.

Worshipful Company of Ironmongers' Best Student Award - Steven Riley MICME
This award is for the best technical student currently studying or having recently completed a ferrous foundry related course. This award is sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers and the recipient is nominated by the staff from Bradford College.

Best Student Award, Casting Foundation Degree - David Mercer MICME
The recipient is nominated by staff at Bradford College and the award is sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Founders.