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Concise Castings: A Casting Workshop Lecture

£42.00 (Member's Price: £38.00) Order Code: CAM3

Concise Castings: a casting workshop lecture by John Campbell, Professor Emeritus of Casting Technology at the University of Birmingham, UK. This new book, published by the AFS, has been produced from a series of lectures presented as a castings workshop. The book takes the reader through Campbell’s ideas for the production of quality casting in an informal style starting with a chapter explaining the concept of entrainment of oxide films and how defects in castings are often attributed to gas or shrinkage but are actually be as an initial consequence of oxide film entrainment. Many illustrations are included to further explain the concepts under consideration. There is then a chapter taking the reader through the 10 rules of casting as defined by Campbell for the production of good castings following which casting pouring systems are considered, including counter gravity techniques, such as low pressure diecasting and the Cosworth TM process, and gravity pouring techniques. There is then a section on improved pouring systems including naturally pressurised systems and the design of pouring basins and gating and running systems and finally a chapter on ablation casting. This is a technique in which, immediately after pouring and while the metal is still liquid the mould is removed by water jet thereby cooling the casting in a rapid manner, a technique currently being studied and developed by Campbell and his team. This may be a more accessible way for readers to approach the subject of the 10 rules of casting, who can then progress onto the other books on the subject by Campbell, namely Castings 2nd Edition and Castings Practice – the 10 rules of casting, both of which are published by Elsevier. Pub: AFS 2010 Paperback, 93 pages ISBN: 978-0087433-363-3 Quoted price does not include postage and packing.

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An Audience with John Campbell (DVD)

£34.00 (Member's Price: £5.00) Order Code: DVD

DVD of the full proceedings of the casting design workshop hosted by ICME in Nov 2011. DISC 1: Session one: Surface turbulence, oxide films and critical ingate velocity Session two: Fill rate and bottom filling using natural pressurisation DISC 2: Session three: Demonstration of calculation of a ‘rigging’ system (method) for a casting Session four: Joint lines, filters and metal distribution. DISC 3 Edited clips (WMV format) from the complete DVD that can be easily copied and inserted into PowerPoint presentations on your PC/laptop or Mac. Price: Non-member - £34.00. Member £24.00. For more information please contact: nicci@icme.org.uk

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Complete Casting Handbook

£95.00 (Member's Price: £85.50) Order Code: Cam 2011

Prof Campbell expands and develops many of the ideas and topics that he has previously tackled and includes the more conventional casting technology subjects in one complete reference guide. The emphasis is on casting quality, or the minimisation of defects, and John''s enthusiasm for casting quality shines through. Volume 1 considers the metallurgy of casting and includes sections on melt quality, entrainment defects such as bifilms and bubbles, evidence for bifilms, fluidity and metal mould reactions as well as the development of matrix structure. He also tackles the properties of castings and the effects of defects on mechanical properties as well as considering specific alloys – zinc, magnesium, aluminium, copper, cast irons, steels, nickel based alloys and titanium alloys. There is also a whole chapter on porosity – shrinkage porosity and gas porosity and a discussion of hot tearing and cold cracking Volume two deals with casting manufacture and is further devised into three sections. Section 1 covers the previously published 10 rules for casting manufacture, manufacturing design and the various process steps. Section 2 focusses on the design of the filling system taking into account maximum velocity and surface tension effects. Each component of the filling system is discussed from the pouring basin, through the runner and gates including discussion on the use of filters and an approach to the design of the filling system is presented – including the use of computer simulation of the solidification of the casting at an early stage in the design process followed by consideration of the process steps for the method and each component of the running system. There is also a section that considers the use of filters, avoiding leakage around filters and the best placement of filters in running systems In section 3 the more familiar aspects of casting technology and casting manufacture are presented including melting methods and furnaces, melt treatments, moulding materials, with a chapter on casting processes focused on the means for getting the metal into the mould (gravity, horizontal transfer, counter gravity, centrifugal, pressure assisted, investment casting and vacuum moulding) and post casting processes and NDT. The inclusion of this section therefore means that with this handbook the reader has a complete reference guide. Hardcover: 704 pages Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 1 edition (9 Dec 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 1856178099 ISBN-13: 978-1856178099 Quoted price does not include postage and packing.

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