Continuing Professional Development, CPD

Continuing Professional Development, CPD, is what you need to do to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry and in the broader engineering and manufacturing sector. Many people currently do CPD without realising and without recording it. CPD can be learning to use a piece of equipment at work or reading the monthly Journal as well as attending a course or preparing a presentation - indeed anything that will broaden or deepen your knowledge or understanding.

Formally recording your CPD helps you to review your career to date and to indentify gaps in your knowledge and opportunities for development. It also provides you and your employer with evidence of how you have developed over time.

ICME has a CPD record form that members can use download the form.

All ICME members, and particularly those registered or seeking to become registered with the Engineering Council, are required to maintain CPD records.

Contact ICME to find out more about CPD.

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