ICME Council, Voting Members (Trustees) 2016/2017
Title Name Term of Office
Officers (4)
President John Townsend 2016/18
Senior Vice-President Trevor Ayre 2016/18
Junior Vice-President Stephen Hill 2016/18
Honorary Treasurer Trevor Stevenson
Elected Members (10)*
Adam Fox 2016/17
David Eggleston 2016/17
Dean Millington 2016/17
Chris Mintern 2016/17
Steve Smith 2016/17
Trevor Stevenson 2016/17
Andrew Turner 2016/17
John Willetts 2016/17
Trevor Yates 2016/17
John Small 2016/17
Ex-officio (2)
Immediate Past President Mark Fenyes
Past President Constantine Theoharis
Co-opted Nick Newby
Branch Representatives – One vote per Branch (7 currently)
Chesterfield & Sheffield Anthony Richards 2016/2017
Alternative Trevor Stevenson
Lancashire Branch Lee Jenkins 2016/2017
Alternative Richard Cairns
London Branch Stuart Virgo 2016/2017
North East Branch Pauline Gordon 2016/2017
Alternative Malcolm Collins
Scottish Branch Robert Bell 2016/2017
Alternative George Beattie
West Midlands Branch Ian Shergold 2016/2017
Alternative Adam Fox
Yorkshire Branch Mick Milner 2016/2017
Alternative Dale Lister
Invited Guests (Non-voting)
Branch Presidents
Branch Secretaries
* Retiring Elected members shall be eligible for re-election until they have completed six years continuous membership of the General Council (“the maximum term”) and then shall be eligible for re-election after an interval of two years for a further maximum term.