The ICME 2011 Awards are presented to those in the cast metals industry who have exhibited excellence in their field and commitment to the cast metals industry and, in many cases, to ICME itself.

E J Fox Medal
Awarded to Dr Tom Paterson FIMMM CSci FICME
for his contribution to the Institute and the Industry
John Campbell Medal
Awarded to Prof Preben Hansen
At a conference at Sheffield University in 1981 a young visionary, Professor Preben N. Hansen, presented to the world for the first time his work in the field of casting simulation and his program ‘Geomesh’ which could calculate, or predict, how a casting would solidify. Most foundries may have had a computer in the accounts department at that time, but most methods engineers were not aware of this fundamental work that had already been going on for over a decade. Collaboration between Prof Hansen and Prof Peter Sahm culminated in the founding of MAGMA in 1988. Today Magma employs over 160 personnel and has changed the way that castings are designed around the world.
Meritorious Services Medal
Awarded to Alexander Brown FICME
Sandy was awarded this medal for his contribution to the institute and the Scottish Branch
Awarded to Lynn Postle DipM MCIM FICME
Lynn has worked for the institute for over 22 years and has edited Foundry Trade Journal for many of those years as well as contributing more widely to the institute and international castings industry.
Awarded to Paramjit Singh Dahri MIE MIM Prof MOCME
Paramjit has been a member of ICME since 1978 and has been the treasurer of the West Midlands, Birmingham and Coventry branch since 2002.
British Foundry Medal and Prize
Awarded to Dr Eng Jan Jezierski Prof MICME
For the paper ‘The effect of the carburizer quality on the cast iron recarburisation process’ published in the November 2010 issue of Foundry Trade Journal. This was a joint paper with K Janerka, D Bartocha and J Szajnar.
ICME Diploma
Awarded to John Campbell OBE FReng FICME
for the join paper ”Ablation Casting” published in the May 2012 issue of Foundry Trade Journal
Long and Notable Services Award
Awarded to Alan Robertson Prof MICME
For services to the Scottish Branch of the Institute.
Awarded to Alf Etherington Prof MICME
For services to the North East Branch of the institute
Awarded to John Willetts Prof MICME
For services to the West Midlands, Birmingham and Coventry branch of the institute.
Awarded to Russell Daniels Prof MICME
for services to the Lancashire branch. Russ began his career in the castings industry in 1957 as an apprentice moulder at British Rail. He has been branch president and is branch social secretary.
Remet Award for an Apprentice
Awarded to Guy Pedley Eng Tech Prof MICME
Guy works as Sheffield Forgemasters International where he is learning to become a methods engineer.
Student Award – Best Technical Student Award (Ironmongers)
Awarded to David Mercer MICME
David is 47 years old and has been employed by Baxi Heating Ltd (Part of the BDR Thermea Group) for 26 years. In this time he has had experience in the Project Engineering and Foundry Production Departments. His current position is that of Foundry Production Manager manufacturing a range of Aluminium Heat Exchanger Castings for BDR Group Products.
Student Award – Casting Foundation Degree Best Student (Founders)
Awarded to Steven Riley MICME
Steven works for Weir Minerals Europe Ltd as a trainee sand technician. Over time he has learned more about methoding and design of castings, and although he has concentrated more on the lost foam process, he is spending more time on the standard sand casting process, the Foundation Degree in Casting has helped him with this.