The ICME 2015 Awards are presented to those in the cast metals industry who have exhibited excellence in their field and commitment to the cast metals industry and, in many cases, to ICME itself.

Best Mature Student
Awarded to Andrew Martin MICME
Andrew is currently Managing Director at Polycast Ltd.
British Foundry Medals
Awarded to Eric Fritsche Dipl-Eng and Dr Arron Rimmer Prof MICME
Eric Fritsche started his Apprenticeship in Steel work in 1986 at August Thyssen (today better known as Thyssen Krupp AG), he completed his Apprenticeship in 1989. In 1990-1994 he went on to study Foundry Techniques at the University GH, in Duisburg, Germany. From 1994-2000 Eric became an R & D Engineer in Materials’ Development at Federal-Mogul-Burscheid, Germany (formerly known as AE Goetze GmbH), responsible for the material development for Piston Rings and solidification simulation. Eric moved on to become a key Account Manager at EIDOLOGIC GmbH, and then returned to Federal –Mogul-Burscheid GmbH as R & D Engineer and Project Manager in material Development. For four years Eric was the R & D Manager at Eisenwerk Brühl GmbH undertaking Material Development for Engine Blocks and process development and heat treatment for Engine Block Castings. Eric has returned to Federal-Mogul-Burscheid, where he is now a Project Manager. Dr Rimmer studied Metallurgy at Manchester University, completing his B.Sc (Hons) in 1991. On completion, Dr Rimmer continued in academia, achieving his M.Sc in 1992, researching the austempering of Cu-Mo alloyed ductile iron and then in 1994, awarded his Ph.D, researching the austempering of compacted graphite irons. In 1994, Dr Rimmer joined Manganese Bronze Components Limited in Ipswich, working in the R & D department on various projects including the development of sintered cams for the Rover MG vehicle. In 1996, ADI Treatments Ltd was established and Dr Rimmer was employed just after its start as the Business Development Manager. In 1999, Dr Rimmer became a director of the company as well as a shareholder. Since 1999, Dr Rimmer, along with his colleagues at ADI Treatments Ltd, have worked continuously, to grow the market and applications of austempered irons in Europe and the rest of the world, including the ACE material developed with Eisenwerke Brühl.
Awarded to Dr Arron Rimmer Prof MICME
E J Fox Medal
Awarded to Dr Pam Murrell FICME
For making a significant contribution to the development of the foundry industry through helping to create casting specific training, Dr Pam Murrell FICME evoked memories of a barren time when there was a lack of support for technical skills development in the foundry industry. In just a few years whilst working for ICME she worked with Institute staff, officers and enthusiastic volunteers from foundries, supply companies and academia to develop a programme of training options ranging from short courses through to professional qualifications for technician through to higher level, including the launch of the Foundation Degree in Casting and the development of the EAL Level 3 Diploma in Casting.
Graduate Foundation Degree (Metallurgy or Casting)
Awarded to Victoria Clark MICME
Victoria has worked at Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering Limited for 5½yrs. She joined the company as an apprentice and went on to complete the apprenticeship and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. She is currently in the final stages of the Foundation Degree in Casting Technology with Bradford College who have nominated her for this award. Victoria is a member of the Production Engineering Department at Maycast Nokes and her main role within the company is the introduction of new parts and projects, development and improvement of existing parts and implementing corrective/preventative actions to improve yield.
John Campbell Award
Awarded to Prof Diran Apelian ScD
Collecting the John Campbell Award Prof Diran Apelian ScD described Prof John Campbell OBE FREng FICME as inspiration. Prof Apelian travelled from the US to pick up the award from the man he has known and admired for 30 years. He is widely recognised for his innovative work in metal processing and for his leadership as a researcher and educator. His research work has helped establish mechanisms and fundamentals in metal processing and helped lay the foundations for significant industrial developments.
Long & Notable Service Medal
Awarded to Kevin Hiatt IEng GCGI Prof MICME
Having worked for many years within the Foundry Industry Kevin was asked to join what was then know as ‘The Institute of British Foundrymen’ in 1981, a lot being the work that he did with W & T Avery Ltd Tamebridge Foundry and especially the Thames Barrier Project. The Institute over the years has traced some work done with Cupolas and the Syphon Brick as many did not know of its existence, then the Institute pointed me in the direction for suppliers of Machinery when I was asked to set up a new Pattern shop this was successfully achieved. He is now a member of the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers Membership Committee where we hope to continue to get new members to continue the Institutes work.
Long & Notable Services Medal
Awarded to Bob Snook IEng FICME
Bob Snook joined the Wales and Monmouthshire Branch of the IBF in February 1979 after being encouraged to do so by Mr. Doug Marles, a former BCIRA researcher and his then Director. Shortly after, and on attending his first Branch AGM, he found himself leaving the meeting having been elected as Branch Secretary! He continued in this position and, at some later stage was also elected as Treasurer of the Branch. Bob feels that he must have been doing it to the general satisfaction of the members, as he continued to be nominated and elected to the post throughout the years. In 1986, as a result of dwindling membership, Bob was involved in the merger of the Wales and Monmouthshire Branch with the West of England, and was elected to continue as Secretary and Treasurer of the newly formed Wales and West of England Branch. (Bob reports it is interesting to note that this was an example of the wheel turning full circle, for the West of England Branch had been formed many years before by being split off from the Wales and Monmouthshire Branch). Bob continued to run the Branch until, following his move to BCIRA, and subsequent transfer to CTi in Sheffield, he had to relinquish the position. Bob says that his involvement with the IBF enabled him to gain a much wider knowledge of the industry and the people within it than would ever have been possible simply through working in a few companies, and this involvement enabled him to enjoy his whole career within the foundry industry.
Awarded to David Elwell CEng PhD MIMMM Prof MICME
David joined Bradley and Fosters Ltd as a metallurgical trainee in 1974 and shortly afterwards began his metallurgical training at West Bromwich College Of Commerce and Technology and Wolverhampton Polytechnic. It was in 1980 that David joined the West Midlands Branch of the Institute, later serving as Branch Secretary from 1988 until 1992. In 1982 David accepted an appointment at Aston University and spent 3 years working on high chromium iron metallurgy before rejoining Bradley and Fosters as Technical Manager, this work formed the basis for his Worshipful Company of Ironmongers Jubilee Award in 1986. David has continued in his technical role following the acquisition by Firth Rixson Castings in 1991 and in 2006 by Bradken.
Awarded to John Wade IEng Prof MICME
John made his first castings in 1968; aged 10, during School holidays, at my Grandfather`s Foundry (Frank Wade Ltd.), in Stourbridge. Patternmaking lessons soon followed. Formal foundry training was at West Bromwich College, which formed part of his engineering apprenticeship whilst at the company of Jones and Attwood Limited, Stourbridge. John joined the then ‘Institute of British Foundrymen’ in 1978 as student representative for the West Midlands branch. In 1981 he moved to Scunthorpe to manage the steel foundry operation of Hornsby and Goodwyn Ltd., producing general engineering castings up to 2 tonnes nett., a large proportion of those being for the steel plant. After their closure in 1993, John set up his own business focussing on heritage restoration, and have been working on projects in that area since then, including iron windows for large warehouse/housing regeneration projects, bronze war memorials, fencing renewal projects, and components for restoration work on historic vehicles, to name but a few. For a few years now, John has been on the institutes membership committee, and so to date have been involved in the industry for some 47 years.
Meritorious Services Medal
Awarded to Adam Fox BSc FICME
Adam joined the Institute of British Foundrymen whilst studying for his Bsc in Materials Science and Technology at Brunel University. When Adam graduated in 1990 he joined Castings Plc. In the processing departments and moved over into Quality 21 Years ago. Adam is currently the Quality Manager at Castings Plc. Adam attended many of the Institutes’ Technical Meetings for the West Midlands Branch, before becoming Branch President between 2000-2001, after which Adam took on the role of Branch Secretary, and is still in this role today.
Awarded to Graham Holling FICME
Graham has been a member of the Institute since 2008, having attended meetings over the previous years, and is a Past President of the Scottish Branch – 2010- 2011. Since approx. 2008 Graham has supported the Branch by encouraging many of his employees (at times as many as 12 or more), to attend the Branch Technical meetings, facilitating this by providing transport, meals and refreshments. Without this support there was every possibility that the Branch could have ceased to hold technical meetings or even closed as there would have been insufficient numbers attending to have been able to invite speakers. Graham and his company Ceramco have supported the dance by: bringing guests, some of whom have been Branch Members, and also generously contributing to the Tombola. Graham Holling is the founder of Ceramco Limited and he is well qualified in the field of ceramics having two degrees in the subject and spent the last 50 years studying, researching, producing and applying his knowledge and expertise in the field. Specialisation is in fabrication processes and in particular, isostatic compaction of industrial ceramics and refractories. In-depth knowledge and practical experience is held in other fabrication techniques such as casting, vibro-compaction and machine pressing. He has 30 years experience in the development, manufacture and application of carbon bonded graphitic oxide ceramics based on the phenyl formaldehyde route of manufacture.
Awarded to Stephen Bell MBE FICME
Steve is the Managing Director of Union Electric Steel UK, a company producing cast rolls for the steel and aluminium industry. Before becoming M.D. Steve carried out various roles within the Company including Chief Metallurgist and Foundry Manager, he also worked at a subsidiary of the business in Bilbao, Spain as works director for 1 year. Steve has been a member of the institute for more than 25 years and has served as branch president for both the now defunct Newcastle branch and the North East Branch and remains on the branch council. In addition he has served as National President of the Institute. Steve received an MBE in 2010 for services to North East Business.
Oliver Stubbs Award
Awarded to Dave Wilkinson Prof MICME
Dave Wilkinson Prof MICME for imparting knowledge. With a down to earth attitude Dave has shared and imparted his knowledge to develop people within the industry with papers and presentations. He has also worked on the shop floor with foundrymen striving to show them that casting is not a black art – there is only science and play.
The Peter Nix Best Technical (Non-Ferrous) Student Award
Awarded to Chris Shakles MICME
Chris is currently employed at Thomas Dudley but has previously worked at Barr and Grosvenor in Wolverhampton and Gabriels. For a few years he worked at Truscanian an aluminium foundry in Oldbury in many areas of the foundry including moulding and casting. His most recent position was as leading hand in the air set foundry. Chris has just completed the first year of the ICME Diploma in Castings Technology.
The Worshipful Company of Founders Casting Foundation Degree Best Student Award
Awarded to Adam Leavesley BEng (Hons) MICME
Adam works for Patay Bucks Castings Ltd as a Quality and Projects Manager. He is responsible for the management of the ISO 9001 QM system and has been involved in investigative projects involving the degassing of aluminium, bifilms in aluminium and the prevention of hot tearing when casting pure aluminium. Adam began working in the foundry industry at 18 during university holidays whilst studying for a mechanical engineering degree, and after spending 7 years as a design engineer he moved to Patay in 2011.”
The Worshipful Company of Ironmongers” Best Student Award
Awarded to Lynda Whyte EngTech MICME
Linda has worked at Depuy Johnson and Johnson for 14 years, she is currently working as an integral member of the scrap reduction team, managing the shell room, including creating ceramic shells, and carrying out laboratory testing which involves monitoring and testing slurries to provide ceramic shells to the highest standard and introducing process and product improvements as required.