A range of pathways for young people to embark on a career in the castings industry – foundry, moulding and coremaking, patternmaking, die casting, investment casting, tooling design and methods engineering.

They take scrap and turn it into something brilliant. The scrap comes from everywhere, gets melted and poured into moulds to create the casting. What excites me is the innovation - the possiblities are endless.

Tom FenyesTrainee Foundry Technician, East Midlands

A Career for Life

Castings are here to stay! If you like new technology, solving problems or working with your hands, designing and making things that actually shape the world, then this could be the industry for you. Engineering skills are in high demand and we need engineers, technicians, moulders, patternmakers, quality engineers, designers and automation specialists to help us shape how we live, how we travel, how we work and how we play.

By Employers, For Employers

All programmes have been designed to train the future foundry and patternmaking engineers, technicians and operators and are delivered by trainers with a passion for the industry.

We can help with recruiting apprentices, planning employee development programmes and advising on funding for apprenticeships, including the apprenticeship levy.

Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills

Providing a national training facility to support the delivery of apprenticeships and skills training for the foundry, casting and patternmaking industries – for the industry, by the industry. 

The National Foundry Training Centre, part of the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS), is a purpose built foundry training centre, located in the West  Midlands. The centre includes a fully equipped training foundry with modern melting furnaces moulding and casting equipment, pattern shop, design suite and laboratories for QA, sand and mechanical testing to support training for all sectors of the industry.

Foundry Training Services Limited

Foundry Training Services Limited are providing the Tutors to deliver the apprenticeship programmes within the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills ECMS).

These highly trained Industry experts have worked within the Casting Industry for many years, they will guide and support all the learners through their apprenticeship programmes.

Should you have any questions regarding the apprenticeship delivery, please contact the Training & Quality Manager – Michala French on 0121 752 1814 (Office) or 07963 318761 (Mobile).

Need for Speed

Did you know…

  • All the turbine blades in modern jet engines are castings
  • Foundries in the UK cast all of the engines for Formula One
  • All brake discs in passenger cars are castings – so we keep people safe!

A Green Industry

Did you know…

  • Most castings are made from recycled metal, so without castings there would be piles of scrap metal damaging our local environment.
  • Castings are used in wind turbines and tidal power installations, so we help the global environment.
  • Foundries recycle most of the sand they use, over and over again.