A people organisation giving professional career guidance, support and development to individuals.

ICME is the Institute for all individuals involved in the castings industry. This includes design engineers, metallurgists, moulders, pattermakers, CAD technicians, methods engineers, researchers and suppliers to the industry.  With a heritage of over 100 years, the Institute is a registered charity, dedicated to serving the needs of its members in the industry.

The Institute is run by its Members, for its Members – Members like you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Membership of a Professional Institute
  • Grades of membership giving a professional pathway to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the cast metals industry.
  • Access to professional grades with the Engineering Council.
  • Awarding of CPD hours for you to demonstrate your continual career development
  • Local branches with technical sessions and social events
  • Networking with like-minded people at ICME events
  • Training courses to suit your skills
  • Access to training with other organisations
  • Access to member private health care scheme with HMCA  (for further information) – http://www.hmca.co.uk/icme
  • Access point for technical questions
  • A member e Newsletter
  • A free Technical journal (Foundry Trade Journal)
  • Representation at the World Foundry Organisation (WFO)
  • National Awards to recognise achievements by members and individuals.


ICME Membership Grades

ICME has three main grades of membership: Member, Professional Member and Fellow. In addition, students can join at a reduced rate until they complete their studies and there is a separate membership form that students can use that is available from ICME. The following guidelines should aid applicants in the selection of the appropriate grade of membership. These are only a brief guide; please contact the ICME membership department for more detailed advice. Members are authorised to place the following designatory letters after their name:


Any person, 18 years or over, with an interest in the cast metals industry. No formal qualifications or experience
are necessary to become a Member, but you are entitled to all the benefits of membership. Reduced rates are
available for those under 25.

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You should have relevant qualifications (to level 3 or equivalent) plus experience or have approved experience and training.

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This grade is for senior individuals in the industry who also have the relevant training and experience and have obtained a position of senior responsibility and held this position for at least three years.

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For those undertaking an approved course of full or part-time study, including an apprenticeship, leading to a recognised qualification. Membership is free for apprentices.

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Those registered with the Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer and who have achieved either an ICME Professional Members or Fellow grade can use the title ‘Chartered Cast Metals Engineer’. Likewise Incorporated Engineers can use the title ‘Incorporated Cast Metals Engineer’.

Upgrading your ICME Membership Grade

It may be possible to have your membership of ICME upgraded provided that you satisfy the requirements for the particular grade. If you are doubtful about which grade is relevant to you then please call our membership department who will be happy to help you with this process. Tel: +44 (0)121 752 1812

If you complete the application form and select a lower grade than you qualify for, the membership committee will advise you that you are eligible for a higher grade.

Professional Registration with the Engineering Council

ICME is a nominated body for the Engineering Council (the regulatory body representing qualified British engineers) and therefore ICME membership provides a route to Engineering Council registration and ‘professional status’.  Membership of ICME indicates to employers in our industry the level of competence you have achieved. Registration with the Engineering Council indicates your standing within the whole of the Engineering Profession. Members of all engineering professional Institutes are able to apply and are granted registration according to their engineering competence. ICME is licensed by the Engineering Council to process all applications for Registration from suitably qualified persons employed within the cast metals industry. The combined qualifications offered by ourselves and the Engineering Council will enable you to upgrade your professional status not only within the UK but also internationally.

Engineering Council Grades

Four grades of registration are available as follows:

  • European Engineer (Eur Ing)
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Incorporated Engineer (IEng)
  • Engineering Technician (EngTech)

ICME will be happy to advise and guide applicants through the various registration stages. For more information please contact ICME head office.

International Qualifications

Once registration as a Chartered Engineer has been obtained, members can apply to ICME to become a Eur Ing. This title is recognised throughout Europe. ICME ensures that European qualifications are extended to all ICME members registered with the Engineering Council.