Presented by Ian Shergold Prof MICME – Ask Chemicals UK Ltd.  

An excellent slide show was presented at the recent meeting of the North East Branch of ICME, along with a very knowledgeable, informative and educational insight into the developments in chemically bonded sand systems. The topics discussed were advancements in binder systems, including: furan based binders called Magnaset; cold box binder, Ecocure Blue; Pepset Silver no bake binder; and Inotec inorganic binders. ASK is leading from the front with innovative products to meet the current and future demands of the foundry industry from an environmental and performance prospective.

The presentation also gave an insight into the production gains that can be made when adopting new processes and practices. Ian Shergold explained that this gain in productivity, using these new methods and materials, should in turn lead to higher profitability for companies, which will allow them to reinvest some of this profit back into the workplace.

The evening was rounded off with a question & answer session, followed by a buffet and continued conversation.

The branch thanks Ian Shergold and ASK Chemicals for the presentation.

Prior to the presentation, a Branch Council meeting was held to seek 2019-2020 officials, and a request was made for more volunteers, so the branch can continue to progress.

In the absence of a branch secretary, Ronnie Gordon was thanked for his help. Mr March is to continue as social secretary and Mr Elliott as treasurer. The branch is currently looking for a Secretary and President and welcomes interest from Members.