Monday 24th August 2020 became an important date in ICME’s history when the first ever online technical presentation was successfully completed. Over 40 members from the Institute joined with guest delegates from both the UK and across Europe to support the event, listening and watching on-line.

The presentation was made by Russell Gray EngTech Prof MICME and David Hall CEng Prof MICME of Maxima Engineering Ltd under the title of “Simulation of Stress and Distortion during the Casting & Heat Treatment Process” and considered the basics of stress theory and stress formation during casting manufacture as well as offering an insight into how cumulative stresses generated throughout the casting process can be simulated using MAGMASOFT®.

Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19 on our industry, the ICME has embraced this initiative and adapted to the challenges that we all face, ensuring that it can continue to work with and support Members.

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