IN MEMORIAM – Tom Sutton

Mr T L Sutton C.Eng, Hon FICME IMECHE.

Tom Sutton joined ICME (then IBF) in May 1974.  His contribution to the technical life of the Institute was significant.

He was National President in 1993/94, being awarded the Oliver Stubbs Medal in the same year, a recipient of the Long & Notable Services Award, was also awarded the Edward J Fox Medal and the British Foundry Medal and Prize, and was a Past President of the Lancashire Branch.  He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute in 2004.

Tom was involved with several Institute committees and chaired the Management and Industrial Engineering Committee for many years. This became the Technical and Management Services Committee and oversaw the publication of the Manual of Foundry Technology in 1997.  He also wrote a series of technical papers on fluid dynamics and running systems which were subsequently published by the ICME Technical Board in 2007 as ‘The Basic Principles of Fluid Dynamics Applied to Running Systems of Castings’.

He was also a member of BCIRA Council and was involved and chaired several of their committees including their research committee.  He also presented numerous papers and lectures, both in the UK and Internationally on foundry environmental issues, including a paper for the United National Environmental programme. Tom produced a vast number of publications many of which have been translated into many languages.

At the start of his career, Tom served a student apprenticeship with Dunlop Rubber Company, terminating as a machine design engineer and obtaining professional qualifications at Liverpool Technical College. During the period 1958 to 1964 he was Area Engineer with Pilkington Bros, and was involved in the installation of the first float glass process line with specialisation of the computer driven automated machinery.

Between 1965 and 1968 Tom was employed as a Project Engineer with H H Robinson Ltd and their associated company Freeman Chemicals during which time he was responsible for the design and installation of highly automated sheet metal manufacturing plant, as well as plant and equipment for the production of resins.

In1968 he joined Baxi Heating as Factory Engineer and from 1972 to 1974 designed and installed a new foundry based on a Disa 2013 MK1 with electric melting. In 1984 he became Engineering Projects Manager and in 1987 completed the design and installation of another green field foundry costing over £7 million which received international acclaim for its advanced technology and won both the National and European ‘Better Environmental Award for Industry’, and was referenced in the Department of Environment ‘Clean technology’.

In 1991 Tom was appointed Technical Director of Baxi Partnership Foundry Division and was responsible for designing and developing a new foundry process for pumping aluminium into Disamatic moulds which subsequently resulted in a new foundry being built in Leyland.

Tom retired his membership with ICME after 44 years of valued work and dedication to the Institute.