On Monday 5th October, the West Midlands Branch and a total of 53 attendees from across the UK and the internet were again treated to the second high standard technical lecture and webinar the branch have delivered.  The lecture ‘The 4-6-2s Locomotives’ is the second of this year’s season of technical lectures and webinars.

The ‘Clan Project’

The Standard Steam Locomotive Company limited

The ‘Clan Project’ lecture was presented by Mr Geoff Turner IEng MIED who was kind enough to come down from Sheffield and attend in person in Wednesbury, Geoff is the Engineering Director of The Standard Steam Locomotive Company Ltd. He presented an informative lecture outlining the history of the Clan, the relative power and size and how it was part of what was British Rail’s standardisation of the Steam locomotive rolling stock in the 1950’s. The lecture was technically very interesting with the combination of the original drawings and material specs, compared with today working with CAD, Rapid Prototyping, sand printing, modelling, pattern making and specialist technical expertise that we get to produce this one off new Clan. It is an improvement to the original with SG cast main driving cylinders  (instead of Steel) and coil springs on the trailing truck and the use of cast steel in the trailing truck chassis which replaced the fabricated original, that was prone to fatigue problems. Also there is a widened rib on a casting that was known to flex in service. These improvements can be incorporated because they are already validated from similar applications. But what could be considered ‘new materials’ say stronger castings have not been incorporated because like an automotive project all significant changes from the original would have to be validated and this would be costly exercise.  The level of interest was clearly shown in the extent of the Q and A session at the end of the lecture – to download a copy of the presentation please use the link below:


I would like to thank Geoff Turner for another high standard presentation for the West Midlands branch and David Hall (President of the West Midlands, Birmingham and Coventry Branch) for the planning and presentation of this interesting talk.

Mark Holliday Prof MICME

David Hall Prof MICME awarding Geoff Turner with an ICME crystal tumbler