On Monday 7th September, the West Midlands Branch and a total of 50 attendees from across the UK, Germany and France were treated to a high standard opening technical lecture and webinar for the start of this year’s season of technical lectures and webinars.

‘Modern Feeder Technology’

The ‘Modern Feeder Technology’ lecture was presented by Mr Sven Dommen, European Product Manager Chemex Foundry Solutions Member of the HA group and with a good balance in the level of the technical information presented about the range of feeder solutions offered, the manufacturing and R+D facilities including simulation service of the Chemex group. The clear technical and practical expertise that Sven demonstrated during the presentation and particularly with the questions at the end, set a very high standard for this season’s technical lectures – to download the live recording please click here;

For all foundries, a good Quality system must take into account, not only the foundries own chemistry, cooling and solidification but must also understand the capabilities of their feeder sleeve suppliers and consider the supply risks to customer for any missed failures. Feeder sleeves should definitely be classed as critical supply items and the risks to Quality and Production should be regularly reviewed and developed.

Mark Holliday & David Hall

I would like to thank Sven Dommen for a high standard presentation and David Hall (now President of the West Midlands, Birmingham and Coventry Branch) for the planning and presentation co-ordination ably assisted by Karl Hopkins (Vice President)

Mark Holliday Prof MICME