Monday 14th December @ 7.00pm – ICME National Webinar

ICME were pleased to host Nick Child and David Hrabina of Foseco, as they presented the fundamentals and latest developments in the field of Steel Filtration.

Nick Child explained the details as to why filtration of steel alloys is important, the types of defects that can occur without adequate filtration, and the different types of filter that have been developed over the years.  David Hrabina described the best approach to ensure that filters are correctly applied as part of wider metal cleanliness improvements.  Correct application of a filter is important to its performance, so the filter position / orientation, capacity, priming etc should all be carefully considered.  A selection of actual casting trials with certain filters where shown during the webinar, along with more complex filter assemblies for use with larger steel castings.

A very interesting and open Q&A session followed this webinar, where the subject of filtration as part of an ideal runner system was discussed at length.  Attendees shared their thoughts and experiences, which overall offered a great insight into the back-to-basics of runner and filter design.  It was also noted that although the topic was Steel Filtration; the principles of this subject can be applied to different cast alloys groups and across relevant casting processes.

The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME) would like to offer their sincere thanks to Nick Child, David Hrabina, and all those in attendance on the night for their support.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend the webinar – ICME Members can find a recording of the presentation in the Members Area of the ICME website.