ICME Technical Webinar – Tuesday 19th January 2021


Tuesday 19th January 2021 @ 7:00pm.

Weir Foundry Improvements and the Elephant for Glasgow.
Speaker(s) – The Weir Foundry Team.

The Technical Lecture will be streamed online only as a webinar due to ongoing Covid 19 restrictions.

You may join the webinar at 6:45 pm where there will be the opportunity for attendees to test their digital connection and fix any audio issues.  All Microphones should be muted for attendees during the presentation PLEASE.  We wish to inform you that this webinar will be recorded for training purposes.  Should you have any questions during the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask via ‘Live Chat’.  At the end of the webinar, there will be an open Q & A session.

To join the webinar, please contact: info@icme.org.uk