On Tuesday 19th December, the team at Weir gave a great presentation and detailed insight into the manufacture of castings at their state-of-the-art facility in Todmorden, the presentation was delivered by Lee Jenkins (Group Operations Director).

Lee explained the process capabilities at the Todmorden site, and then presented the typical manufacturing process, from design concept through to final machining and assembly. The casting that was presented was the largest casting that is currently produced within the Weir Group – a 24 tonne hyper-chrome volute. There were various manufacturing and logistical challenges with this casting, including designing bespoke moulding boxes so that they could be manipulated under the existing cranes, and working out a ladle / pouring campaign to suit the melting capacity. Each of the key manufacturing stages were videoed so the attendees could effectively “walk through” each stage, with Lee commentating. This allowed the attendees a virtual tour of the foundry from the comfort of their desks!

Following this presentation; a very special casting was shown. Commissioned by artist Kenny Hunter, an almost life size sculpture of a female Indian elephant was cast at the Todmorden site. A complete clay model was designed and then a split pattern was produced. Again this generated a few manufacturing challenges, and as such the foundry team selected their most experienced moulder to take charge of the mould production! The sculpture now stands proudly in the New Art Park in Glasgow, Centre for Arts and Heritage.

ICME would like to offer their sincere thanks to Lee and his team, and those in attendance on the night for their support. The institute would also like to congratulate Weir for their recent commitment to the ICME, which has seen them introduce x16 new members from the Todmorden site.

The recording of the presentation is available to Members of ICME in the Members area of ICME website.

Please contact ICME for further information: info@icme.org.uk