On Monday 11th January, the West Midlands Branch and a total of 38 attendees from across the UK, were again treated to very well presented and professionally high standard technical lecture delivered by the branch. The lecture ‘Precise Industrial 3D Metrology’ was kindly presented by Mr Stuart Dix from GOM, a part of the Zeiss Group. Stuart gave a clear and interesting summary of the very impressive state of the art non-contact 3D measuring capabilities of systems available.


This was a truly interesting summary of the development the 3D measuring systems offered by GOM. Portable rapid measuring systems that can measure a complex part, for example a gearbox housing with ribs and bosses, in a fraction of the time a traditional CMM would take and to a higher level of surface resolution. The information can be shared and interrogated on free GOM inspect software by the multidisciplines involved in the projects.

Although not specifically covered in this talk there is also extensive CT scanning equipment in their portfolio if the soundness of the casting needs to be checked.



The level of interest was clearly shown by the high level of questions asked at the end of the lecture.

ICME members can download the lecture by visiting the ‘members area’ of the ICME website: https://www.icme.org.uk

For non ICME members please contact info@icme.org.uk

Article written by Mark Holliday Prof MICME