On Monday 1st November, the West Midlands Branch, and a total of 41 attendees, 21 from across the UK and the world by the internet and 20 physically at the Churchill’s venue in Wednesbury (complete with a hot buffet after the talk). We were yet again treated to a well presented, interesting and professional technical lecture / webinar delivered by the branch, this the third of the new season.   The talk demonstrated deep levels of practical experience and knowledge and was very clearly explained. The lecture ‘Light-weighting with ADI’ was kindly presented by Dr. Arron Rimmer, Technical and Sales Director of ADI Treatments limited.


Dr Rimmer expertly gave a clear overview of the latest heat treatment facilities they have available in West Bromwich and went on to present some applications using the advanced material properties of ADI and some of the other heat-treated options of castings.

Dr Rimmer also explained how with the use of advanced foundry technology and ADI can complete with existing steel fabrications and aluminum components. Apart from weight saving, additional advantages come in the form of less logistics in terms of tooling and supply of separate parts for fabrications and having produced the initial castings the performance can be adjusted upwards from the same tooling by simply amending the heat treatment regimes, in the event the application is found to be on the limits of the initial design requirements. This again is particularly important in the current Carbon / Energy reduction climate we find ourselves in and applies equally to Diesel/petrol powered vehicles as it does to Electric/Hydrogen vehicles.

Although he did emphasise that heat treatment can only be fully effective if the initial structures of the castings have been carefully controlled in the casting process and represents a dialogue between the OEM, the foundry, the heat treatment provider and the machinist.




Dr Arron Rimmer and the West Midland’s ICME president Karl Hopkins in Wednesbury.

Again, the level of interest for this technical lecture was again clearly shown in the extent of the Q and A session at the end of the lecture and Dr Rimmer showed his depth of expertise in this field with some informed answers at the end of the talk, the attendees, also thanked him in our usual way with a round of applause.

The presentation from Dr Aaron Rimmer of ADI Treatments is now live on the CMF’s Casting the Future YouTube channel.  The direct link to the presentation is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz3oqycliwU&t=1s

Article written by Mark Holliday Prof MICME