ICME held their first in a suite of two-day Leadership and Management courses for the Castings Industry, the Coaching for Success course was well received by delegates.

“Coaching for Success” covered a range of topics including coaching strategies and theories, the psychology of getting a ‘yes’, coaching and mentoring thinking, ideal performance and the stages of achieving your end goals through the application of emotional intelligence to improve performance.

The feedback from the training was very positive from all attendees. We asked the delegates if they would recommend this course with the responses being an overwhelming ‘yes’, with many already speaking to their employers to recommend that other colleagues attend this training.

The Technical Quality Engineer from Eurac Poole said “great course, I didn’t realise I needed coaching skills!” with the Production Engineering Supervisor adding “I gained a better understanding of successful coaching – excellent course”. Both added they would “recommend this course” after enjoying the 2 days.

Multiple employees from Weir Minerals attended the course, amongst the feedback left, staff saying, “I gained techniques in coaching and getting the best from people in both long- and short-term effects” Other comments included: “Brilliant, giving me new skills to take and apply at my company”,  “The course was brilliant”, “Great coaching techniques to use in my job role” and “Will recommend to others in my company!”

The L&D Manager from Castalum said “Andy was a brilliant trainer, best I have been involved with. Time flew by which is always a good sign of engagement of audience. I would, without a doubt, recommend this course!”

The delegates left the course confident to return to their workplace and implement their new coaching skills and all expressed an interest in attending ICME’s future Leadership and Management courses due to run throughout 2022.

Our next Leadership and Management course is “Driving Change Management” running on 27th and 28th April 2022. Further information will be available in due course.

Future Leadership and Management courses will be:

  • Aspiring Leaders and Managers
  • How does better performance look?
  • What does a successful Manager look like?

If you are interested in attending any of our courses or would like further details about any of the Leadership and Management training please contact info@icme.org.uk