On Monday 7th March the West Midlands Branch and 39 members and guests were again treated to a wellpresented, interesting and professional technical lecture / webinar delivered by the branch.  With over 20 people attending in person at Wednesbury, there was also several dialing in remotely from around the world.

The lecture was entitled ‘Technical Advances in Moulding Technology’ and was presented by Mr Neil Yoxen MICME of FMS (Foundry Machinery and Spares Limited). 

The talk demonstrated his deep levels of practical experience and knowledge of foundry moulding requirements and was very clearly explained.  


Neil gave a clear overview of the moulding system options that FMS can presently supply for foundries, highlighting the advances in the control systems that have been introduced to make them more user-friendly, as well as expertly outlining the specific moulding control knowledge that the systems bring to the foundry.

It is often said that a foundry is only as good as it’s production tooling but this should be expanded as the production tooling is only effective if it can produce capable moulds at a pace and within the space requirements of the particular foundry process and it was clear that Neil and FMS understand this.

As is often the case for the technical lectures organized by the branch, the level of interest for this topic was clearly shown by the extent of the Q & A session at the end of the lecture.  Neil Yoxen showed his depth of expertise in this field with some informed answers at the end of his talk.  The attendees also thanked him in the usual way, with a round of applause.

Mark Holliday Prof MICME

If you were not able to attend and missed this event, then please see the event recording in the Members Area of the ICME website.