Delegates to the recent ‘An Audience with John Campbell’ seminar, organised by CMF in conjunction with ICME, were treated to a really interesting and thought-provoking day as John explained his latest thinking around castings defects and the optimisation of casting quality.   Delegate numbers were limited to just 25, with a focus on younger people in the industry, to ensure that all those attending had plenty of time to ask questions and debate any issues.

John is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading innovative scientists in the castings industry, with over four decades of experience and is a tireless promoter of good casting technology, based on his experiences of working with foundries to improve casting quality. He still provides consultancy services to foundries and is always seeking to optimise casting integrity through sharing his knowledge.  He was supported on the day by Paul Gullick IEng FICME who also has many years of experience working with light alloy foundries around world.

“Very enjoyable, thanks for organising this event”, “lots of valuable knowledge” and “provided some really useful insights into the formation of bi-films and their impact on defect formation in casting” were just some of the comments from delegates.