Concise Castings: A Casting Workshop Lecture

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Concise Castings: a casting workshop lecture
John Campbell, Professor Emeritus of Casting Technology at the University of Birmingham, UK
This new book, published by the AFS, has been produced from a series of lectures presented as a castings workshop.
The book takes the reader through Campbell’s ideas for the production of quality casting in an informal style starting with a chapter explaining the concept of entrainment of oxide films and how defects in castings are often attributed to gas or shrinkage but are actually be as an initial consequence of oxide film entrainment. Many illustrations are included to further explain the concepts under consideration.
There is then a chapter taking the reader through the 10 rules of casting as defined by Campbell for the production of good castings following which casting pouring systems are considered, including counter gravity techniques, such as low pressure diecasting and the Cosworth TM process, and gravity pouring techniques. There is then a section on improved pouring systems including naturally pressurised systems and the design of pouring basins and gating and running systems and finally a chapter on ablation casting. This is a technique in which, immediately after pouring and while the metal is still liquid the mould is removed by water jet thereby cooling the casting in a rapid manner, a technique currently being studied and developed by Campbell and his team.
This may be a more accessible way for readers to approach the subject of the 10 rules of casting, who can then progress onto the other books on the subject by Campbell, namely Castings 2nd Edition and Castings Practice – the 10 rules of casting, both of which are published by Elsevier.
Pub: AFS 2010
Paperback, 93 pages
ISBN: 978-0087433-363-3