When it comes to training your brightest technicians and new recruits in the technology of the castings industry, you need a course that informs, develops and helps you to turn your technically-minded staff into the team leaders, supervisors and managers of the future.

The Level 3 Diploma in Engineering & Technology is the only part-time programme with units that have been specifically designed for the casting & foundry industry and aims to develop the technical & practical knowledge of the industry’s brightest young technicians to enable them to become professional engineers. The course is certificated by EAL.

The course is ideal for anyone new to the industry, or for those employees who are more experienced but who wish to upskill and learn more about casting technology and the casting process as a near-net-shape route to manufacture. The qualification will also be ideal for anyone looking for a career change who wants to join the castings industry, or who is involved in casting design or a casting purchasing/sourcing role.

The Diploma is normally delivered over two years, on a part-time basis, using a flexible, blended-learning approach (in short blocks) and some providers also offer evening classes for those who want to study in their own time. Training providers can make use of the facilities at the National Foundry Training Centre.

The course aims to bring learners together to learn in a collegiate style, forming a strong foundry-focussed learning environment. If you remember what your apprenticeship did for you back in the day – that’s what the Diploma brings now.

The Training for Tomorrow’s Foundry Technical Managers and Team Leaders

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For Employers

The Diploma will give your young technicians a detailed understanding of the foundry industry, its principles and processes. The Diploma will help your business to develop stronger individuals to become the managers of the future.

Course Content

The course is a blend of tutor-led sessions, workshops, tutorials, assessed practical work and co-ordinated self-study through a range of support materials and industry expertise. The focus of the programme is to develop highly relevant and valuable practical skills using leading edge industry expertise and the facilities at the National Foundry Training Centre.

Mandatory Units

  • QETA/001 – Engineering and Environmental Health and Safety
  • QETA/002 – Engineering Organisational Efficiency and Improvement

Optional Units

  • QETA/064 – Consumable Mould Casting Processes
  • QETA/065 – Permanent Mould Casting Processes
  • QETA/066 – Design for Casting
  • QETA/067 – Patternmaking
  • QETA/068 – Sand Moulding and Core Making
  • QETA/069 – Processing and Casting of Molten Metal
  • QETA/070 – Post Cast Operations
  • QETA/071 – Metallurgical Testing

Professional Development: The Diploma is an EAL certificated course. All learners can become Members of ICME – contact us to apply. On completion the learner is able to register as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) on the Engineering Council’s Register of Professional Engineers and then progress onto higher education programmes. The Diploma can be used towards an Apprenticeship.

Entry Qualifications: Information on the entry requirements is available from the training providers, but interested candidates with a positive attitude to learning are normally considered, and generally good GCSEs including Maths, English and Science are required for entry.

For further information and details of training providers please contact ICME on Tel: 0121 752 1810 or info@icme.org.uk

Training Grants Available


The Foundry Training Trust is a registered charity that offers financial grant support towards the costs of professional development to enable individuals improve their knowledge and skills in the cast metals and related industries.

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