Get up to 50% towards the costs of course fees, books, travel & accommodation from the Foundry Training Trust.

The Foundry Training Trust is a registered charity that offers financial support to individuals to support them in their professional development and career progression in the cast metals and related industries.

The Trust supports people to attend college and/or university, major conferences and exhibitions both in the UK and overseas or visits to other companies and businesses as part of study tours.

The Trust is able to support all kinds of learning programmes:

  • Course costs;
  • Travel expenses including accommodation;
  • Conference and exhibition fees;
  • Any costs associated with the development of an applicant’s skills and knowledge.

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Some beneficiaries tell their stories


Michael started his working life as an apprentice at George Fischer in Lincoln and needed assistance with his expenses for going to college in Coventry. His company supported his application to Foundry Training Trust, which was successful and he was able to begin studying whilst undertaking his apprenticeship. Sadly, with the demise and ultimate closure of George Fischer, he was left to ‘go it alone’ in terms of his studying and the Trust once again came to the rescue by providing him with funding to go to university full-time. MC, who studied at Loughborough University, said: ‘during the first year of university I needed a new computer for graphics for Auto CAD, the grant from Foundry Training Trust meant I could buy one and press on with my education, the financial assistance has really taken the load off, and has enabled me to concentrate on my studies and, let’s face It, on enjoying the social aspect of university, as I am doing an engineering degree there is a lot of course work so I am not able to have a job as well, ‘I am so grateful to Foundry Training Trust as it has made my apprenticeship and my university life much better. His father, echoed the sentiment enthusing: ‘Foundry Training Trust has been very good to Michael, the Clerk, Andrew Turner is very supportive and helpful and the Trust has helped my son and will support his career in engineering once the apprenticeship finished because of the closure of George Fischer.’


Alice was equally pleased with the support the Trust gave her, she said: ‘During the first two years of my degree I was working with my company and Foundry Training Trust helped me with accommodation fees. She was made redundant last year and then worked for a steel company as part of her Material Science & Engineering Degree third year industrial placement. Specialising in Metallurgy, she spent much of her time commuting between her home, University and the company technical centre in Tees-side, she said the funds provided for this travel were ‘a god-send’ and allowed her to continue her studies and make in-roads into industry. She enthused: ‘I am absolutely thrilled with the support from Tor Lodge’.


Bob was working for an iron foundry and in the midst of a 5-year chemical engineering course at University at the time he received support from a Foundry Training Trust grant. The funding helped with travelling costs from University to the company in Telford and he is convinced that the Trust has given him a ‘foot-up’ the career ladder and helped him to focus on carving out the career that is right for him. He said: ‘A charity like Tor Lodge gives you a buffer and makes a significant difference to your working life. It lets you concentrate on your studies and your practical work rather than worrying about the financial aspect of meeting your commitments, I think it is really important that it is not just available for apprentices, but that it is also open to university students in engineering faculties. It helped me with accommodation, study material and it took the worry away. I am very grateful.’ 24 casting industry apprentices benefited when they were granted funding to cover the cost of attendance at CASTcon in April 2018.

Not Just For Individuals

Education and training is not always about academic study; it is also often concerned with vocational people development and Foundry Training Trust recognises this by offering financial assistance to organisations to do just that. ICME benefited from the Trust when groups of Diploma learners and industry apprentices were able to access funding to cover the costs of works visits including transport and accommodation.

New Pro Foundries of West Drayton, London also benefited from financial support from Foundry Training Trust to take three employees off the shop floor to attend the exhibition that accompanied a World Foundry Congress. The New Pro MD said: “We are a small company and it is a big expense taking people to an international event, but the grant from Tor Lodge enabled us to do that. Our people have benefited and so have we, because it has exposed them to a different world outside the four walls of our own foundry. They saw equipment and other castings at the exhibition that has opened their eyes and they are the better for it. We would like to thank Tor Lodge for their assistance and support.”

Trust contact details:

Foundry Training Trust

Tel: 0121 752 1812

Training Grants Available


The Foundry Training Trust is a registered charity that offers financial grant support towards the costs of professional development to enable individuals improve their knowledge and skills in the cast metals and related industries.

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