Our aim is to support your professional development in the industry so a number of one day short courses and college-based programmes are available.

Engineering & Technology (Casting) Level 3 Diploma

When it comes to training your brightest young technicians and new recruits in the technology of the castings industry, you need a course that informs, develops and helps turn technical, practical young staff into the team leaders and potential managers of the future.

We are pleased to announce that places are now available for the 2020/21 intake of our industry leading Casting Technology Level 3 Diploma programme.

The course duration is 20 months with 30 days per year of day release study. (3 day blocks)

Download the Engineering & Technology – Casting Diploma flyer (PDF, 3.44 MB)

Short Courses

Effective Supervision and Team Leadership – The aim of the course is to improve the performance and effectiveness of Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers. The emphasis is on fully understanding the need for supervision, what do supervisors do, how it can be measured and how can you improve the effectiveness of supervision. Read more →

Changing Behaviours – Whether as a refresher or as a new standard, we aim to provide food for thought on how you improve business performance at all levels by finding new ways to engage throughout the workforce using verbal communication skills. Read more →

Chemically Bonded Sand – Improve your knowledge of the preparation and use of chemically bonded sand. Read more →

Grey Ductile Iron Metallurgy – Improve your knowledge of the metallurgy of ferrous casting alloys including grey and ductile irons, compacted graphite irons (CGI) and austempered ductile irons (ADI). Read more →

Joint Line Design for Foundry Tooling – Understanding the impact of joint line design on process capability, tooling life, tooling cost, lead times and dimensional variation. Read more →

Good Practice in Casting Specification and Design – Improve your knowledge of design for casting. Read more →

Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists – Improve your knowledge of the principles and underlying concepts of metal properties. Read more →

Industrial Mentor – CPD Training

M & C Education Training Services Ltd, are currently offering an Industrial Mentor Training Programme which is CPD training for the Manufacturing Engineering sectors.

For future information regarding this programme visit the M & C website https://www.m-cets.co.uk/