What’s in it for you?

Whether as a refresher or as a new standard, we aim to provide food for thought on how you improve business performance at all levels by finding new ways to engage throughout the workforce using verbal communication skills.

Using simple language and real world examples we aim to influence a change in behaviours which will enhance productivity, lead to better organisation which can deliver cost savings and provide improved customer experiences. We will also cover how enhancing your individual performance will lead to an improved safety and health environment for you and your colleagues.

Outline programme

  • How influential are we in other people making decisions at work and beyond?
  • Financial and other costs of accidents and poor behaviour in foundries.
  • Perception of the foundry industry by the public and other interested parties.
  • Understanding what an author of change is.
  • How others see us in the workplace and how we can change opinions.
  • How good housekeeping helps foundries goes far beyond the normal safety implications.
  • Why do we work differently at work than we would at home?
  • How we can save money, space and time at work.
  • Increasing production by good housekeeping.
  • Why safety is not the first benefit from changing behaviour.
  • Case studies of good and bad practice.
  • Incentivising good practice.

Who should attend?

This course is equally suited to new starters or experienced employees from shop floor to boardroom level.